General Tutorials

Keeping a certain tutorial up to date has proven infeasible.  Two main problems are:

  • Different teachers/tutors have different styles, and thus have difficulties upgrading someone else's tutorial.
  • Different tutorials cover different parts of the material, and so the upgrade of "the" standard tutorial always was inconsistent between its different pieces.

We are now aiming for the following:

  • The standard intro reference is "The Book".
  • TU Berlin teaches a MATSim class during every summer term.  We plan to move the tutorial material of that class to the site here at the end of each term (i.e. around July/August of every year). The most current version is the 2017 course.

Additional material is available under --> main distribution --> tutorials.  That material may be a bit more difficult to find or read, but it has the advantage that it is inside the code repository and thus always compiling and in many cases even secured by a regression test.