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Playground test failures

Dear MATSim community,

You have probably noticed that we have recently separated "matsim"+"contribs" on the one hand from "playgrounds" on the other hand.

This also means that the playgrounds are now tested separately both on travis and on jenkins.

Several people have, in the past, nudged people to repair playground test failures.  

I now want to announce that I essentially will no longer be one of these people.  I have just switched off my monitoring apps for these tests.  This means that if...
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New MATSim Report is online!

Dear all, thank you for your contributions! The report for April-June is now online.  I got only very few contributions. I assume many of you are in "TRB writing mode" (Kay Axhausen's copyright). But if you missed the call for contributions, please have a look and let me know in case something needs to be updated. Happy writing!

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