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matsim-example-project, matsim-code-examples

After some to and fro, we have now (hopefully) stabilized on two new github projects meant for browsing or cloning:

  • matsim-example-project – a "thin" fairly minimal project that is meant to be cloned and used as a starting point for own development, with a minimal number of dependencies etc
  • matsim-code-examples – a "fat" project which contains example code how MATSim can be used.

The are also both pinned to the top at – other than "matsim" itself, which...
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Call for Submissions: MATSim User Meeting 2018

Hello, MATSim users and researchers!

The 2018 MATSim User Meeting will be held on 23 June, 2018, in Atlanta, Georgia USA. That is the Saturday before the Transportation Research Board’s bi-annual “Innovations in Travel Modeling” conference, which is June 24-27, 2018.

Abstracts and/or short papers are due on November 30, 2017. The papers are expected to be very short (< 2500 equivalent words), but the deadline is fast approaching. ITM has an alternative “lightning talk” track which is quite interesting and only requires...
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Rarely used matsim-org github repository deleted

Hello, just a quick note that I have removed githup/matsimExamples.  Note that this is not the same as matsim-examples-project or matsim-code example; instead matsimExamples contained scenario input data that is now found elsewhere (mostly in the "examples/scenarios" directory in the matsim main repository, separately maven-deployed under the name of "matsim-examples").  So removing the matsimExamples repository reduces duplicity of similar names and thus hopefully reduces possible confusion a bit.    Most users shouldn't notice.  If there was material that someone still needs,...
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