MATSim 13.0 released, and new Maven Repository

posted by Marcel Rieser on April 12, 2021

MATSim 13.0

We’re happy to announce the release of MATSim 13.0.

Among many small changes and improvements, here are a few highlights of this release:

  • SwissRailRaptor is now the default transit router. If you have enabled SwissRailRaptor yourself in the code (e.g. with controler.addOverridingModule(new SwissRailRaptorModule());), you should now remove this line as not to enable it twice.
  • There is a new, faster routing algorithm names SpeedyALT available for network (e.g. car) routing. It can be enabled in the config and used in place of Dijkstra, AStarLandmarks or any of the other existing routing algorithms.
  • Adding Hermes, a faster alternative to QSim for some scenarios (Hermes does not support all features that QSim does).
  • Vehicles can have attributes.
  • Support for cordon toll was removed from road pricing.

In addition, several contribs saw major work going on (e.g. the whole MAAS group: DRT, DVRP, …), so if you are not yet on a recent weekly snapshot, make sure to upgrade to version 13.0 soon to benefit from all the work.

To use the new version from your code as a Maven dependency, please note that you need to update the repository, as outlined in the next section.

New Maven Repository

For the last few years, we’ve hosted our jar-files in a Maven repository hosted by BinTray. Recently, BinTray announced that it shuts down its service for open source projects. We have thus migrated our MATSim releases to a new Maven repository.

Please update your pom.xml to use the following repository:

    <!-- Repository for MATSim releases and snapshots (MATSim is not on Maven central) -->

The two old repositories for releases ( and for snapshots ( can be removed from the pom.