We welcome MATSim-related news items, job postings, and event announcements for our front page. To submit news, create a pull request on Github.com with the content of your news item in Markdown format. Here’s how to do that:

Instructions for posting news via GitHub

  1. You’ll need a free account on Github to post items
  2. Click the Create item on Github button above, to draft a new item in the _posts directory of our site.
  3. Edit the file name, author, title, and summary lines. The summary will be shown on the front page as a “teaser” blurb.
    The file name becomes part of the URL, so please don’t call it just “news-item”, but give it a specific name.
  4. Add your remaining content in standard Markdown format
  5. Preview your post using the Preview pane, and when done…
  6. You’re ready to create your pull request!
    • Click Propose New File button, which will take you to the confirmation page:
    • Click Create Pull Request
  7. You’re done!

We’ll either add your content or get back to you soon!

If this is too complicated

If this is just too much, send us an email and we’ll post your item for you.