Open Scenario Data

The following is a list of known scenario data sets that are open and free to use with MATSim. Not all data sets contain all required files to run a MATSim model. Some may only provide a network for example.

Please, give credit when using these scenarios.

VSP, TU Berlin


Ruhr area:


Some other open source example data sets, including some regional real world data sets. The directories are hierarchically organized and should be self-explanatory. We try to provide readme files, but this does not always work:

South Africa

Prof. Johan Joubert from the University of Pretoria has open sourced some of the scenarios he built, each consisting of a network and a population:

MATSim Test Examples

Some smaller scenarios are directly contained in the MATSim source repository, often used for feature demonstration or tests:

(just a list of links we’ve come across)

A registry of public transit data: .

German rail:


(this is not necessarily “data”, but links to data and links to visualizations often come together and/or cannot be cleanly separated)

Charging stations in Europe: .

TRAVIC Transit Visualization Client or or .