Inaugural General Assembly of MATSim Association

Location: ETH Zürich
Date: 5 September 2023
Citation: Axhausen, K.W. (2023) Chairman’s remarks, MATSim e.V. general assembly, ETH Zürich, September 2023.


The inaugural general assembly of MATSim e.V. was held at ETH Zürich on 5 September 2023. The meeting was attended by the members of the board and the association’s members, as well as other interested parties attending in person or via video conference.

Scale of the Association and Its Tasks

The association operates at two scales: the core activities and those that go beyond the core. Below are the tasks that the association undertakes:

Core Tasks:

  1. Conduct and preparation of courses and tutorials on the software.
  2. Ownership of the website and trademark MATSim.
  3. Maintenance and development of the website
  4. Representation of the software in relevant industry and regulatory groups and bodies.
  5. Open-access database with all relevant publications.
  6. Membership list.
  7. List of contacts.
  8. Production of a quarterly newsletter.
  9. Annual user meetings.
  10. Annual conference.
  11. Quarterly regional chapter meetings.

Beyond Core Tasks:

  1. Publication and testing of regular annual releases of the code and test cases on
  2. Production and selling of commercial licenses.
  3. Integration of new features arising from the on-going research within its budget.
  4. Client-specific updates and software adjustments against a full-cost recovery fee.

Fees and Level of Fees

Membership Type Org. size Fee (CHF)
Individual 1 120
Small 2-5 1000
Large 6+ 2500

Presentation of the Confirmed Board and Roles

The following are the confirmed members of the board and their respective roles:

Name   Country   Role
Steffen Axer   DE    
Kay Axhausen   CH   Chair
Milos Balac   CH    
Michael Balmer   CH    
Joschka Bischoff   CH    
Gerry Casey   UK    
Joseph Chow   US    
Sebastian Hörl   FR    
Johan Joubert   BE    
Kai Nagel   DE    
Marcel Rieser   CH   Treasurer
Afshin Jafari   AU   Revisor
Gunnar Flötteröd   SE   Revisor
Pieter Fourie   JP   Manager