Postdoc position

posted by Moez Kilani on December 7, 2020

Under the project “Sustainable Transport Under Pandemic Context”, University of Littoral has an immediate position for a postdoc researcher to work on MATsim. The project is related to transport modeling in the North of France with a focus on the improvement of calibration techniques and the implementation of epidemiological model.

The position is for a period of 12 months with a net salary about 2,200 € per month. We are seeking a candidate who is familiar with agent-based traffic modelling, who have and experience with MATsim (or similar simulators).

The selection will be based on the main criteria:

  1. technical skills in transport modeling,

    • data gathering and processing (databases)
    • model calibration
    • output analysis
    • and experience with MATsim (or similar tools)
  2. motivation to work on transport modeling
  3. familiarities with Java/Eclipse environment
  4. ability to process XML files

Other criteria that will be considered:

* skills in the manipulation of geographical information systems
* big data and statistical analysis
* knowledge of epidemiological models
* experience with mathematical optimisation methods

For more information please contact Prof Moez KILANI or Prof Daniel DE WOLF