Toronto, Canada

Work on the GTA MATSim scenario started in fall 2008. Due to the availability of an agent-based demand generation model for the Greater Toronto area, the first scenario run in MATSim could be completed within one week of joint work of two Master students from Toronto with the MATSim groups in Berlin and Zurich.

The road network was converted from an EMME/2 network, while the travel demand is based on the output of TASHA (Travel Activity Scheduler for Household Agents), an agent-based demand generation already available for the Greater Toronto area. The scenario is currently further improved by extending the information exchange between TASHA and MATSim. There are plans that TASHA may be used as a replanning module for MATSim in the future, allowing for sophisticated activity replanning.

In 2011, work started to integrate the public transport services into the model.